Adhering to Professional Values and Competencies through Campaign with Capital Area Special Olympics


At Empower Public Relations, our team strives to embody the professional values and competencies of the public relations profession through our campaign with Capital Area Special Olympics Louisiana. As seniors in the Manship School of Mass Communication, we have learned about ethics and professional values in public relations since freshman year. However, working with CASOL is our first chance to truly practice these values and competencies and discover what it means to be a genuine PR professional. We look forward to preserving the integrity of the public relations profession through our campaign with CASOL.


According to PRSA, there are six fundamental values that guide all PR professionals and help uphold the industry’s core morality.  These values are as follows: advocacy, honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty and fairness.


Empower Public Relations will advocate for CASOL by giving them a voice in the media. Specifically, we will help them gain recognition as their own distinct Special Olympics chapter and quell misconceptions surrounding the organization, such as the widespread belief that CASOL is funded by the government.

We will remain completely truthful in our representation of CASOL, ensuring that only the most accurate and honest information regarding this organization is communicated to the public.

We will use extensive research and firsthand knowledge provided by CASOL employees to become CASOL experts. Utilizing this specialized knowledge, we will build a mutual understanding between the organization and its key publics.

We will be objective in our representation of CASOL and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

We pledge to strike a balance between remaining loyal to CASOL while simultaneously serving the public interest.

Throughout our campaign with CASOL, we will treat all parties with the respect and fairness that they deserve.


In addition to adhering to these professional values, Empower Public Relations will exhibit essential competencies of the PR profession. Communications expert Pat Kahnert conducted a survey to determine the public relations competencies most highly valued by corporate communications professionals, sharing the top three technical and behavioral competencies. He found that strategic planning, writing and measurement are the most critical technical competencies, while listening, strategic business sense and creativity are the most valued behavioral competencies.

Strategic planning has already played a major role in our campaign with CASOL. We have identified our key publics, set goals for awareness, acceptance and action, and established a timeline for our campaign.

This blog will allow us to strengthen our writing skills. Additionally, we will further hone our writing skills by composing press releases, research documents and social media posts.

We will utilize our measurement abilities at every step of the campaign, consistently evaluating our process and determining what works. Immediately after our trivia night event, we will evaluate its success and ascertain which aspects need improvement.

Listening is a major aspect of our meetings with the CASOL staff. They are always eager to share their many ideas regarding the campaign, and it is vital that we listen respectfully and make an effort to truly understand them.

We are a business savvy organization, and we will utilize this competency when working with the campaign budget and meeting with venues and vendors prior to our campaign’s event.

We will think creatively throughout the campaign. For example, we are currently brainstorming for an inventive way to promote our campaign in the Baton Rouge area.

Participating in service-learning provides us with the chance to act as legitimate PR professionals and improve our technical and behavioral skills. We look forward to the many opportunities we will have to showcase our professionalism and competency throughout our campaign with CASOL.

Connect with Empower Public Relation’s Strategy Director, Lucy Harrison

To learn more about Capital Area Special Olympics, visit the website or email our team at


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