Developing Expertise in Public Relations through campaign with Capital Area Special Olympics

By Gabby Moulis

At Empower Public Relations, we plan to use expertise in our field to increase awareness and acceptance of Capital Area Special Olympics. Our team consists of well-trained Manship students who will use their individual and unique skill sets to provide CASOL with effective communication efforts. Successful public relations professionals are aware of their clients’ needs and are well equipped with responses during a crisis. Empower Public Relations is prepared to develop strategies CASOL can use in a variety of situations throughout the following year.

Though individuals can build their own expertise through experience and training, many industry organizations like PRSA publish tools for PR professionals. For example, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the United Kingdom publishes an annual guide analyzing the challenges and opportunities facing the profession, which draws upon research and reports from its different branches. It creates a platform for its employees to share their expertise not only with each other, but other PR professionals around the world.

According to PR News Online, writing is one of the most important skills for PR professionals hoping to advance in their field. Fifty-seven percent of public relations and marketing professionals surveyed expressed that writing is the most important skill for public relations professionals to have. PR News explained that the second most important skill for PR professionals is media relations.

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CyberAlert reports that most PR professionals lack skills in digital media management. Each member of our team will contribute to our blog, and will prepare written materials like news releases, social media posts, and research reports. We will also learn how to operate digital media platforms lile WordPress, Facebook, and more. Throughout our campaign, we hope to hone these skills and develop more expertise in our field, for the benefit of our organization and to strengthen our potential as future PR professionals.

An important characteristic that distinguishes the average business promoter from a well-rounded PR professional is the ability to engage a community. Robert W. Grupp, with the Institute for PR, expresses the challenges for communicators to do more than just project their organization’s messages. He explains the need for communicators to be trained to constantly adapt to complex, culturally dynamic settings that involve both the publics and the organization. Though we have researched and communicated with CASOL to define our key audience and goals, we recognize that PR requires sensitivity and adaptability, and we hope to remain flexible as we continually listen to the needs and desires of our public.

By participating in service-learning, the Empower Public Relations team has the opportunity for real-world application and development of our skills. By creating a one-year public relations campaign for Capital Area Special Olympics, Empower Public Relations can apply our classroom knowledge and exercise our expertise in the public relations field.

Connect with Empower’s Strategy Director, Gabby Moulis

To learn more about Capital Area Special Olympics, visit the website or email us at


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